Is ShopHQ Going Out of Business? All You Need to Know

You have probably heard the whispers and seen the headlines circulating about ShopHQ. So, it’s just natural to ask, ‘Is ShopHQ going out of business?’ Without any doubt, the retail industry has witnessed a lot of transformations in the last couple of years, and many companies have found it tough to adapt to these changes, so they went out of business.

But is that the same fate with ShopHQ? This is a company that has recently struggled financially despite its prominent name in the industry. What is the fate of ShopHQ now? Is ShopHQ going out of business? Let’s take a closer look at all of this.

Is ShopHQ Going Out of Business?

To cut to the chase, the short answer is no: ShopHQ is not going out of business. However, the journey to this point has been anything but smooth. The owner of ShopHQ, iMedia Brands, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to significant financial challenges.

This filing came as a shock to many, considering the company’s over 30 years of operation and its adaptation to massive changes in technology and consumer shopping habits. But why did this happen? We will talk more about this in the later section of this post.

However, you should know that bankruptcy doesn’t always mean the end. In fact, it can be a strategic move for a company to restructure and come back stronger. That’s exactly what iMedia Brands seems to be aiming for. So, despite filing for bankruptcy and being acquired by another company, ShopHQ is not going out of business.

A Closer Look at ShopHQ

To understand the gravity of this situation, let’s take a closer look at ShopHQ. What exactly is this brand that has become a household name for many? ShopHQ, under the umbrella of iMedia Brands Inc., has been a key player in the televised home shopping space.

It all started in 1990 under the name ValueVision Media, evolving into a dedicated home shopping channel, ValueVision, a year later. This rebranding was more than a name change; it was a strategic shift in response to market trends and ownership changes.

ShopHQ’s diverse product offerings range from jewelry and fashion to electronics and home goods. Celebrity endorsements and partnerships also played a crucial role in elevating its profile, making it a unique player in the home shopping landscape.

However, the company hasn’t been immune to challenges, including financial difficulties and shifts in consumer shopping habits, especially with the rise of online retail giants.

However, recent years have been tough. The COVID-19 pandemic initially boosted home shopping activity, but as the world started to open up again, and with inflation rising, consumer spending habits shifted. This led to a significant drop in ShopHQ’s revenues, subsequently leading to the company filing for bankruptcy.

What Services and Products Does ShopHQ Offer?

Is ShopHQ Going Out of Business?

Perhaps you are not so familiar with the brand. ShopHQ offers a wide array of products, making it a one-stop shop for many.

Their offerings include high-end jewelry, home electronics, the latest fashion trends, and kitchen appliances. Each product category is curated to provide a unique shopping experience, combining quality and entertainment.

ShopHQ Owner iMedia Brands Files for Bankruptcy

The financial crisis that hit iMedia Brands, ShopHQ’s parent company, is indeed a significant chapter in its history. The root cause of this financial distress points towards a significant drop in consumer spending due to inflationary pressures. In the declaration to the court, iMedia noted a sharp decline in revenue as shoppers changed the way they buy.

The COVID-19 pandemic initially brought a surge in home shopping activity, benefiting the company. But as inflation goes up, consumer behaviors shift, leading to reduced discretionary spending. This downturn resulted in a staggering operating loss of $41.4 million for the first nine months of 2022, a substantial increase from the previous year’s $11.6 million loss.

The company’s diversification efforts, including the acquisition of J.W Hulme and Christopher & Banks, were notable. However, these brands only contributed a fraction of iMedia’s total revenue, with most income stemming from its entertainment division, which includes ShopHQ and a few other channels.

This is what made ShopHQ make the tough decision to file for bankruptcy and get acquired by another company. However, is ShopHQ going out of business because of this? No, the company is still very much in operation.

Who Bought Out iMedia?

In a remarkable turn of events, iMedia Brands was acquired by IV Media, LLC. This is a subsidiary of Innovation Ventures, LLC, the producer and distributor of 5-hour ENERGY® shots. The acquisition, valued at approximately $55 million, included ShopHQ Networks and other businesses under iMedia Brands. The deal was finalized following a court-approved auction process, marking a new chapter for ShopHQ under new ownership. So, for those who have been asking, ‘Is ShopHQ going out of business?’ this should stand as a beacon of hope for the brand’s future.

Does Filing for Bankruptcy Mean Going Out of Business?

When a company files for bankruptcy, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that it’s the end of the road for them. However, this isn’t always the case. Bankruptcy, particularly Chapter 11, is often more about transformation than termination.

It’s a legal process that allows a company to restructure its debts and reorganize its business operations. This move can provide a struggling company with the breathing room it needs to reevaluate its strategy, manage its debts, and emerge stronger and more financially stable.

In the case of ShopHQ, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy was not a white flag of defeat but rather a strategic maneuver to address its financial challenges. The process allowed iMedia Brands, ShopHQ’s parent company, to continue operations while they figured out how to navigate their financial difficulties. This included exploring potential acquisitions and restructuring plans.

The acquisition by IV Media, LLC, is a good sign of this strategy. It presented a lifeline that potentially saved ShopHQ from going out of business and offered a chance for rejuvenation under new ownership.

ShopHQ’s Top Competitors

ShopHQ faces stiff competition in the retail market. Its top competitors include a couple of strong players in the industry, each offering unique products and services that challenge ShopHQ’s market position. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Gymshark, a fitness apparel and accessories brand, stands out for its savvy use of social media and influencer marketing. Founded in the UK in 2012, it quickly rose to prominence, especially among the younger, fitness-conscious crowd. Unlike ShopHQ’s more traditional retail approach, Gymshark’s direct-to-consumer model and strong online presence have helped it carve out a significant niche in the global apparel market.

  • QVC and HSN (Qurate Retail Group)

ShopHQ’s most direct competitors in the televised home shopping space are QVC and HSN, both part of the Qurate Retail Group. These channels have a long-standing presence in the market and have evolved to combine televised shopping with strong digital platforms.

They offer a wide range of products similar to ShopHQ, from fashion and jewelry to home goods and electronics, and have a loyal customer base.

ThredUp takes a different route in the retail world by focusing on second-hand clothing and sustainability. As one of the largest online consignment and thrift stores, it has captured the attention of environmentally conscious consumers and bargain hunters alike.

ThredUp’s model of reselling high-quality used clothing at affordable prices not only challenges traditional retail models, like that of ShopHQ but also aligns with a growing trend towards sustainable fashion and conscious consumerism.

Competing in the electronics and home appliance sector, BrandsMart USA is a notable rival for ShopHQ. Known for its extensive product range, competitive pricing, and regular promotions, BrandsMart USA appeals to consumers looking for value and variety.

Their large physical stores and detailed online catalog provide an advantage in the consumer electronics market, offering a different shopping experience compared to ShopHQ’s televised and online sales model.

Is ShopHQ Going Out of Business – Final Note

So, is ShopHQ going out of business? The answer is a resounding no. Despite the challenges and the recent bankruptcy filing by its parent company, iMedia Brands, ShopHQ remains a significant player in the retail and media world.

Under the new ownership of IV Media, ShopHQ will definitely continue its journey, hopefully overcoming the hurdles of the past and embracing a brighter future. But right now, ShopHQ is not going out of business!


Has ShopHQ been sold?

Yes, ShopHQ has been sold. In August 2023, iMedia Brands, the parent company of ShopHQ, was acquired by IV Media. This acquisition was part of a strategic move following iMedia Brands’ filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, providing ShopHQ with an opportunity for revival under new ownership.

What did ShopHQ used to be called?

ShopHQ has undergone several name changes in its history. It was initially launched in 1990 as ValueVision Media. Over the years, it evolved and was known by various names, including ShopNBC, Evine, and Evine Live. The name was changed to ShopHQ in 2019, and that’s presently its current brand identity.

Did ShopHQ buy Christopher and Banks?

Yes, ShopHQ’s parent company, iMedia Brands Inc., acquired the Christopher & Banks brand in 2021. This acquisition occurred following Christopher & Banks’ bankruptcy and was part of iMedia Brands’ strategy to diversify and expand its product offerings on the ShopHQ platform.

Is ShopHQ and QVC the same company?

No, ShopHQ and QVC are not the same company. They are competitors in the televised home shopping market. ShopHQ is operated by iMedia Brands, while QVC is part of Qurate Retail Group, which also owns HSN (Home Shopping Network). Each network has its unique branding and business model, though they operate in the same market segment.

Why is ShopHQ no longer on Dish?

ShopHQ experienced a broadcasting dispute with satellite-TV provider Dish Network, which resulted in a six-month blackout of its channels. This dispute was one of several challenges ShopHQ faced, leading to its temporary absence from the Dish Network platform.

Is Comcast dropping ShopHQ?

Unfortunately, Comcast decided to drop ShopHQ from its channel lineup. This decision became effective on November 2, 2023. The removal of ShopHQ from Comcast’s lineup was another setback for the channel.

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