What Does SPWM Mean in Text | Meaning of 22 More Internet Slangs

Ever stumbled upon a text abbreviation and felt lost? You are not alone. In the digital age, phrases like ‘SPWM’ pop up frequently in our online conversations. But what does SPWM mean in text?

Well, SPWM simply means “Stop Playing With Me”. It is one abbreviation that is common in informal texts and chats.

In this article, we will take a closer look at this abbreviation, helping you see not only what it means but in situations where you can use them. Plus, we will also bring you the meaning of some more abbreviations you are likely to come across when chatting or texting your friends. So, what does SPWM mean in text? Just keep reading to find out!

What Does SPWM Mean in Text?

“SPWM” stands for “Stop Playing With Me.” This phrase is often used in informal, digital communication to convey a sense of seriousness or frustration in a situation where the sender believes the recipient is not taking the matter at hand seriously or is joking around too much.

For instance, imagine a scenario where someone is making plans with a friend via text message. If the friend keeps changing the plans or making unrealistic suggestions in a way that seems like they are not taking the arrangement seriously, the person might respond with “SPWM” to express their annoyance and to convey that they want their friend to be more serious about the plans.

Similarly, in a conversation where one person is repeatedly teasing or joking about a topic that the other person considers important or sensitive, the latter might use “SPWM” to indicate that they are not comfortable with the joking and want the conversation to be more respectful or serious.

So, what does SPWM mean in text? Of course, you now know. So, the next time your friend sends you this, you should know how to adjust immediately because it shows they are no longer convenient with the way you are joking around with the conversation.

22 More Internet Slangs and Abbreviations You Should Know Their Meanings

#1: What does WTV mean?

This abbreviation usually means “Whatever” and is often used to express indifference or a lack of preference in a decision or opinion.

For example, imagine you are chatting with a friend about where to eat dinner. After suggesting several restaurants, your friend seems indifferent and replies with “WTV.” 

In this context, it signifies that your friend doesn’t have a strong preference and is open to any choice, essentially leaving the decision up to you. This abbreviation is a handy way to convey a casual or nonchalant attitude towards the topic at hand.

#2: What does Rizz stand for?

“Rizz” stands for charisma or charm, particularly in the context of attracting a romantic or sexual partner. The term, believed to have originated from the middle of “charisma,” similar to how “fridge” comes from “refrigerator,” represents an individual’s magnetic style or appeal.

For instance, in a social setting, if someone successfully gains the attention and interest of someone they’re attracted to, a friend might comment, “Wow, you’ve really got the rizz!”

This scenario illustrates the use of “rizz” as a compliment, acknowledging someone’s effortless charm and ability in navigating romantic interactions.

#3: What does WSP mean?

“WSP” in text language is an abbreviation for “what’s up,” a casual greeting used to inquire about what someone is doing or how they are feeling. For example, imagine receiving a message from a friend that simply reads, “WSP?”

In this context, your friend is casually asking how you are or what you’re currently up to. It’s a laid-back way of initiating a conversation, often used among friends or acquaintances.

#4: What does SB mean in text?

“SB” often means “Somebody.” It’s an abbreviation usually used to refer to a person without naming them specifically, usually in contexts where the identity is either unknown or not essential to the conversation.

For example, imagine you are discussing a party with a friend and you mention, “SB left their jacket at my place last night.” Here, “SB” is a convenient way to refer to the unknown person who left their jacket behind.

#5: What does WDP mean in text?

This abbreviation is commonly used in online gaming, and it stands for “Well Done Partner.” It’s a phrase of encouragement and appreciation, commonly used to commend a teammate for their performance or contribution during a game.

#6: What does WYLL mean in text?

“WYLL” in text messaging is an abbreviation for “what you look like.” It’s often used in informal conversations, particularly when someone is curious about the appearance of the person they are chatting with.

This abbreviation is common in contexts where the two people communicating haven’t met in person or seen each other’s pictures. For example, if you’re chatting with someone online whom you’ve never met, they might ask, “WYLL?” as a way of requesting a description or a photo to get a better idea of your physical appearance.

#7: DIKY: Do I Know You?

Used when someone receives a message from an unfamiliar contact or in a social media setting when an unknown user interacts with them. It’s a way to politely ask if there’s a previous acquaintance or mutual connection.

#8: IDK/IDKE: I Don’t Know / I Don’t Know Either

“IDK” is a straightforward way of expressing uncertainty or lack of knowledge about a topic. “IDKE” is its variant, often used in a conversation where both parties are uncertain about something.

#9: ILY: I Love You

This is a common abbreviation used in personal texts to express affection and love. It’s a succinct way to convey deep feelings, often between friends, family members, or romantic partners. So, the next time you see your crush text ‘ILY’ it’s time to shoot your shot and get things moving romantic.

#10: HBU: How About You?

This phrase is typically used as a follow-up in conversations, especially after sharing personal information or an opinion. It invites the other person to share their thoughts or experiences on the same topic.

#11: LMK: Let Me Know

LMK is used as a request for information or a response. It’s commonly used in both casual and formal contexts. It implies that the sender is awaiting further details or a decision from the recipient.

#12: Noob: Short for Newbie

Commonly used in gaming and online forums, “noob” refers to someone who is new and inexperienced in a particular context. It’s sometimes used teasingly but can be derogatory if aimed to belittle.

#13: NVM: Nevermind

This abbreviation is used to retract a statement or dismiss a previous question. It indicates that the sender is changing the subject or no longer requires an answer.

#14: ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

An exaggerated way of expressing laughter, much more intense than a simple “lol” (laugh out loud). It’s used in response to something extremely funny.

#15: Ship: Short for Relationship

Popular in fan communities, “ship” is used to endorse a romantic pairing, often between fictional characters. Fans might say they “ship” two characters when they desire or support a romantic relationship between them.

#16: SNMP: So Not My Problem

A dismissive phrase indicating that the speaker does not consider the issue at hand to be their responsibility or concern. It often has a tone of indifference.

#17: IMo: In My Opinion

Used to preface a statement where the sender is offering a personal viewpoint or perspective, emphasizing that it’s a subjective opinion rather than a fact.

#18: BRB: Be Right Back

BRB indicates a brief departure from a conversation, especially in online chatting or gaming. The user is signaling that they will return shortly.

#19: TBH: To Be Honest

This phrase introduces sincerity or frankness to a statement. It’s often used to preface an honest opinion or confession.

#20: SMH: Shaking My Head

Of course, you must have seen this one or two times when chatting online. It’s a way to express disbelief, disappointment, or disapproval. It’s typically used in response to actions or statements considered foolish or unwise.

#21: JK: Just Kidding

‘JK’ indicates that a previous statement was made in jest and should not be taken seriously. It’s often used to diffuse any potential misunderstanding or offense.

#22: FYI: For Your Information

This is used to present information or facts, often in a neutral or informative manner. It can be employed in both casual and formal contexts to bring attention to something the sender thinks the recipient should know.

What Does SPWM Mean In Text – Final Note

Let’s bring all of this to a close. Remember, the abbreviation, “SPWM” when used in texts, means “Stop Playing With Me”. So the next time you see your friends use it, you should know what they are trying to say right away!